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Two municipalities of note are Brussels and Ixelles – Elsene. What two enlightenment ideas challenged church authority? The Medieval Sculpture Hall has an appearance of the interior of a church. The patina on these interior doors however is faux; only the exterior bronze has the natural green patina and on the interior it was faux painted (hard to detect unless you look closely!). I prefer the green patina. If you’re implementing Node.js as server technology, it is great for your development team as it is the same technology for front-end and back-end. The BIM model is started and finished by the same team or firm, saving time and minimising confusion. Part of it was to be different, but it part of it was also because I loved watching the Brazilian players Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and my all time favourite, Romario. Goodhue was a sort of modernist of his time and while the structures on the mall have to be classical he called this ‘Alexandrian’ in style, after ancient Egypt, to pass approval.

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My favorite section is called ‘the spaces in between’ which are so important to a home; Linen closets, mudrooms, butler’s pantries; etc. Some great tips to pick up from that chapter! One can stay in a large house on the grounds called the Bothy as well as another smaller cottage off the kitchen gardens. I think we all have those memories of grandma’s house! I think one of the reasons Schafer’s work is so popular is that he believes in the maxim God is in the details. The most highly anticipated book this year has got to be architect Gil Schafer’s “A Place to Call Home” from Rizzoli. They are very portable and give this freedom to the customers that they can place them anywhere as per their choice. Originally all meetings were held here and seats are located on the mezzanine level. My mother and I sat in the seats inside the chapel for a while and simply absorbed the quiet beauty of the woods outside the windows.

See a link to the lovely frescos inside HERE. The beauty lies in the fact that the building has a safe space inside the house unlike the traditional bunker style construction of tornado-proof shelter underneath the building. His first book, 2012’s “The Great American House”, was a huge hit and is one of my top favorite design books in my library. Such books should also include methods to learn how to analyze and design processes, leading to innovative design and structure of the final decisions with well-developed high-level knowledge of the investigation and enforcement decisions, reflecting skills. Last week the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the ICAA toured a fantastic classical structure by Bertram Goodhue, the National Academy of Sciences. The dome features a mosaic by Hildreth Meiere on acoustiblok over a structural Guastavino tile structure. Don’t miss a great tour of this mosaic and all of the symbolism on the NAS website -HERE. It was hard to capture the true vivid colors of this mosaic on a bright sunny day so please visit the link! I know this was one of Neil’s favorite houses to visit in GB and suspect it would be for you as well! One of the wonderful aspects of travel is getting to know more about different areas of the country or world in which we live.

I would love to know what this big purple bush is if anyone knows? Love the potted urns in the Aedicule above. Wonderful original hardware is found throughout the Academy; Love these intertwined snake pulls! I’m obsessed with hardware in general though. The real star of the building is all of the custom metal hardware provided by Lee Lawrie. The bronze and glass doors into the lobby feature symbols of the zodiac; also by Lee Lawrie. The bronze pocket doors by Lee Lawrie are normally closed during open hours. Maggie’s Centres, UK drop-in centres for people with cancer that first opened in Edinburgh in 1996, physically embody all the features of ‘humanistic’ design outlined above: the buildings are non-institutional, non-biomedical and non-technological. In no project is this more important than in a home where someone lives with and physically touches each design decision on a daily basis. There are many benefits to hiring an architect for your household project. To create your own Arts and Crafts interior, there are several elements to consider, both in materials and design.